We all have read books. Be it a textbook, a storybook, a magazine, or a religious scripture but we all have interacted with one or another. But have you ever thought about What really a book is? What does it mean? Why is the writing in the form of a book?

If yes, then you have come to the right place. We will be answering the questions regarding the books in this blog. So, let’s get straight to the point.


What is Book:

A book is a collection of information on a specific subject written down on pages. This information can be textual, graphical, or both. The pages of the book are mostly made up of papers. These pages are compiled together in the proper sequence. A book usually contains a title page, table of the content page, an abstract page, a preface page, and a glossary page.

Physical Dimensions of Book:

A book has several physical parts or dimensions. Parts/Dimensions of the book are the front cover, back cover, spine, hinge, head cap, tail, turn-in, and text block.

Front Cover: The front cover of a book usually contains the book title, author, and some related images.

Back Cover: The back cover of a book includes a book summary, author short biography, ISB barcode to check the authenticity of the book, publisher’s website, and logo.

Book Spine: The binding of pages from outward view is known as book spine. It is attached to the front and back cover with a hinge/joint.

Headcap: The start of a book spine is the headcap of a book.

Tail: The end/last edge of a book spine is called the tail of a book.

Book Hinge/Joint: The connecting medium of the front cover and back cover with the book spine is called a book hinge/joint.

Turn-in: The vertical edge of the front cover is usually known as the turn-in of a book.

Book Corner: The vertical and perpendicular edge of a book cover is called a book corner.

Text Block: A text block is also known as a book block. It contains all the information/content of a book written down of pages.

Parts/Dimensions of Book

Now that we have an idea about the book and its physical parts/dimensions. Now let’s discuss the forms of books.

Forms of Book:

The advent of computers has forced everything and everyone to go digital, the books are not left behind as well. With computers, books have been transformed into e-Books. An e-Book is a digital version of a printed physical book. It can be read on computers, tablets, and mobile devices. An e-Book can be bought in different file formats like PDF, ePUB, Kindle File Format for Amazon Kindle, and many others, based on your needs.

These Books and e-Books can be written with the help of word processing software like Microsoft Word, Calibre, LibreOffice Writer, and many more. The e-Book has specific formatting; which means its pages have a standard size of 8.5 x 11 Inches in portrait.

Types of Book

Now that we have an understanding of the form of books. Let’s get an idea about some different types of books. Books usually are classified into two main types i.e., Fictional Books, Non-Fictional Books.

Fictional books are comprised of Novels, Poetry Books, Comic Books, Storybooks.

Non-Fictional books are comprised of textbooks, curriculum books, autobiographies, maps, encyclopedia, dictionary, instruction manuals and many more.

Other type of books are magazines, prayer books, photo albums.

Genres of Book

Types of book can be narrowed down into various genres. Based on our study and knowledge we have made a list of various genres of book. We will list them down here but we will not explain each genre in this blog. We will explain them next time.

  1. Adventure
  2. Comedy
  3. Drama
  4. Epic
  5. Lyric
  6. Rogue
  7. Romance
  8. History
  9. Horror
  10. Mystery
  11. Sci-Fi
  12. Thriller
  13. Biography
  14. Erotic
  15. Poetry

Different Industries/Categories of Books

  1. Acting
  2. Meditation
  3. Boxing
  4. Martial Arts
  5. Game Theory Books
  6. Archaeology
  7. Auto Repair
  8. Aerospace Engineering
  9. Day Trading
  10. Manifestation
  11. Brother’s Best Friend Romance
  12. Cleopatra Books
  13. Elves Books

This is an ultimate guide of a book by Ranking Books. Hope you have learned something new in this guide. Let us know what do you think in the comment section. See you next time with some more good stuff.